Have a happy 2016 with the most popular posts of my blog!

The twilight zone

2015 is over. It was my first year of full commitment on the blog in English.

It’s a hard task for me, first of all in order to find interesting topics for all my readers, and also because it requires me to write not in my mother tongue (that’s Italian).  I am sure, all the posts are full of mistakes, but also hope you’ll forgive me for that and go on reading !

As usual, the end of the year is also the proper time for some numbers and analysis. The blog grew up during 2015: 7.700 visits isn’t that bad for a beginner! (or at least I hope they aren’t….).

Where do these visitors come from? Mainly USA (40%), then UK, Canada, Finland and Italy. Thanks for all your support and interest. Yes, that makes me proud! There are some hundreds of Italian readers who follow me also on the English blog! (just for you to know, I also have a blog in Italian about travels and photography. But the articles aren’t the same, neither are the pictures).

And what about the most popular articles?

Here is the list of the five most read articles of the year:

  1. Once upon a time there was a border here

Crossing the border Görlitz Germany

This is an article about the disappearing of the Iron Curtain and what it meant for old people like me who had the chance of effectively see and almost touch it. But it’s also about the beautiful border town of Görlitz, split by a river between Germany and Poland.

  1. Berlin’s Tempelhof airport: 6 lovely spots for a photographer

Berlin Tempelhof Canopy and Conveyor belt

The abandoned Tempelhof airport of Berlin is a giant monument to a disappeared era.

Yes, it’s a Nazi building yet massive and not ugly. But the best part of the story came after WWII until the end of the XX century. And maybe the end of the story isn’t as sad as it appears.

  1.  A visit to the awesome Matera and how to get great pictures

A view of Matera's Sassi

Think of Mel Gibson’s movie “The passion” and here you are: “Sassi” the oldest part of Matera (in Southern Italy) are a real wonder. You can walk for hours and hours among prehistorical dwellings, troglodyte housings, rock churches and many many other wonders. If there is a time machine, it’s located in Matera!

  1. 5 town worth a visit in Central Apulia, Italy
Moon and the stone Ostuni cathedral at sunset
Moon and the stone Ostuni cathedral at sunset

Apulia (Puglia in Italian) is famous for its beaches and its clear sea. But curious visitors will discover the beauty of inland. Olive trees and baroque churches as in Andalucia (Spain).  Villages made of whitewashed houses as in Greece and the unique “Trulli” in Alberobello.

  1. San Pietro Infine: centerpoint of an epic battle: shadows of war

Cannon and pacifier in San Pietro Infine

San Pietro Infine is just a tiny village down the slopes of a massive mountain. And so it was in the 40’s of last century. But it dominated the road leading to Rome, and the Allied forces and to go through it. And Nazis knew it and were well prepared for the fight. In this article you can see what remains of a village hit by the war at it’s most brutal peak.

And what about 2016?

I have projects and dreams, and photos already waiting to be published.

I hope you’ll keep following me or start follow from now on, and wish you a 2016 during which all your dreams will come true.


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