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Discover the Enigmatic Aglianico Grape

Aglianico Grape Harvesting

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What is Aglianico?

Explore the richness of Southern Italian wine culture and discover the enigmatic Aglianico wine, made from a black grape that originated in ancient Greece.

Pronounced “ahl-YAH-nee-koe,” this grape has journeyed from its Greek origins to find a home in the sun-drenched vineyards of Campania, Southern Italy.

Unravelling the Origins: From Greece to Southern Italy

Legend has it that Aglianico’s name may stem from its Greek roots. Some suggest it as a corruption of “vitis hellenica,” Latin for “Greek vine.”

Alternatively, it may trace its lineage to “Apulianicum,” the Latin moniker for Southern Italy during the Roman Empire.

Whatever its etymology, Aglianico has cemented its status as a premier grape, once reigning as the cornerstone of the illustrious Falernian wine, coveted in the days of ancient Rome.

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Aglianico Wine: A Symphony of Flavors and Ageing Potential

The result is a complex and full-bodied wine boasting firm tannins and lively acidity. It features a rich bouquet and intense flavours of dark fruit, spices, and earthy notes.

Indulge in the exquisite taste of these wine that promises to age gracefully, revealing a depth of rich and complex flavours. These wines are perfectly suited to complement hearty dishes such as succulent lamb, providing a truly satisfying culinary experience.

Aglianico is known for its ability to age gracefully.

As it matures in casks and later in the bottle, it undergoes a transformation that results in a more complex and nuanced flavour profile.

The wine starts with youthful vigour, featuring bright fruit notes that are characteristic of its grape variety.

However, as it ages, the wine begins to develop more depth and complexity, revealing notes of chocolate and plum.

These flavours are complemented by the wine’s deep garnet hue, which becomes more pronounced with time. Overall, Aglianico is a wine that rewards patience. It is well worth the wait for those who appreciate a wine that has evolved over time.

Aglianico Grape Harvesting

A Day in the Vineyard: Capturing the Essence of Harvest

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