Iceland, the land of fire and ice


In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there’s this strange thing: you’re never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape.
But it makes it very beautiful as well.     
Hannah Kent

Explore the mesmerizing landscapes of Iceland through the lens of Photos on the Road. My extensive collection of Iceland photography invites you to embark on a visual journey through one of the most enchanting and diverse regions on Earth.

Iceland, known as the Land of Fire and Ice, is a land of contrasts. Rugged volcanic terrain meets icy glaciers, and where geothermal activity fuels both natural wonders and cultural traditions. From the dramatic waterfalls of Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss to the steaming geysers of Geysir and Strokkur and the old Snæffellsnes volcano, Iceland’s geological marvels are a testament to the power and beauty of nature.

But Iceland is not just about its landscapes; it’s also about the people who call this island home. From the vibrant city life of Reykjavik to the remote fishing villages scattered along the coast, Icelandic culture is as rich and diverse as its natural surroundings.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Iceland or simply dreaming of exploring its wonders from afar, this collection of Iceland photography offers a glimpse into this captivating land. Each image is a window into a world of natural beauty.

So come along and let your imagination take flight as we journey together through the stunning landscapes of Iceland and beyond.

Iceland is a photographer’s paradise. From the rugged coastlines and pristine wilderness of the Westfjords to the otherworldly landscapes of the Highlands, it offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. There’s always something new and exciting to see and experience in Iceland.

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  1. Susan Mansfield says:

    Gorgeous photography of seems to be a stunning country.


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