Mocănița: The Historic Steam Train Adventure in Romania

Mocănița train at the station

Join me on a captivating photo journey to Maramureș, Northern Romania, near the Ukraine
border, where I explored the historic Mocănița narrow-gauge railway.

Built in 1932, Mocănița remains operational today, utilizing both steam and diesel locomotives. Originally designed to transport wood from the highlands to a processing plant in Vișeu de Sus, this railway now also serves a touristic purpose, allowing visitors to experience its charm and historical significance.

A Journey through Scenic Landscapes

Imagine a quaint little train snaking along a narrow track by the river, then climbing through dense woods to reach high-altitude pastures. The diverse landscapes you’ll encounter on this journey are truly breathtaking. The railway has been partially converted for tourism, so while a working train operates six days a week, touristic trains run alongside, offering a unique blend of industry and leisure.

Mocănița: An Authentic Experience

One of the highlights of my trip was witnessing a long train loaded with logs at the Paltin station. The locomotive at the back works tirelessly to brake and control the speed downhill, a challenging task given the timber’s weight. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the railway’s operational side, blending seamlessly with the touristic experience.

So, come discover Mocănița with me!

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