The abandoned history – Tempelhof Airport in Berlin

The abandoned history - Tempelhof Airport in Berlin

Here are for you, photos and a short slide movie about my visit to Tempelhof airport, in Berlin. The airport is closed and abandoned for years, and while the external area, including runaway, has been converted into a public park, the build area is still empty even if beautiful and very interesting.

The huge building is the epitome of the Third Reich’s imperialistic dream. At the time, it was the third-largest building in the world: 1,2 km in length with majestic rooms and halls. There’s everything in the building: a hotel, bars, restaurants, a gym.

Warplanes were built here during the II WW and the single parts to be assembled were supplied by a railway and trucks via connecting tunnels.
The administrative buildings and some of the hangars had cellars that were converted into bomb shelters.

In 1948 Tempelhof Airport was the main hub of the Berlin Airlift and until 1993 was the home of the USAF 735th Airbase Group that shared the runway with commercial aviation.

But the runway was too short for modern aircraft and consequently, the air traffic started to decrease. Eventually, in 2008 the airport was closed.
Today it is abandoned. And empty.

More detailed coverage of the visit (In Italian) is available on my blog.

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9 thoughts on “The abandoned history – Tempelhof Airport in Berlin

  1. Andrew says:

    That’s a cool article! Definitely a should-read and a discovery!

    This definitely been very helpful to me thanks so much.

  2. Julius says:

    Such a good article! Ꮯertaіnly a shouⅼd-read and
    an eye-opener! It dеfinitеly been very helpful to me thank you.

  3. Tommy Galskjær says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos you’ve made. I will bet that you only just scratched the surface of the enormous amount of picture that could be made from a place like this. But how did you get access to this? Isn’t is closed off for public? Would have liked to join you on a photographic journey in there.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Erica, glad you like my photos.

      You know? I would love to visit Detroit and photograph its decay!


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