Zagorohoria: rocky peaks and stone bridges

Every rock and stream is a myth Patrick Leigh Fermor, Mani The horizon is jagged with rocky peaks. The Greek summer fades out slowly. But the icy mountain air, the fireplaces already lit in the houses, the sudden rains make it clear that the season is changing. A fresh wind pushes the last warmth away. The Pindus mountains are the last splinter of the Balkans. From the north of Greece, the chain continues in towards the south-east until the Peloponnese. But that border between the Ionian and Aegean seas is very far from where I am now. I’m in the north,

Out of the crowd in Mykonos for beautiful landscape photos

Out of the crowd in Mykonos for beautiful landscape photos! If you’d like to escape from the glamour and the crowd of Mykonos town and its most famous beaches, head to the northern point of the island, to the Armenistis lighthouse. Armenistis Lighthouse It’s a 6 km walk from Mykonos town. Just less than one hour walk if you really want to be out of the crowd in Mykonos! If you rented a car or a scooter you can also drive, the road is paved until about 300 meters from the lighthouse. The last part is unpaved but still easily