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Out of the crowd in Mykonos, Armenisti lighthouse at sunset, Mykono, Cyclades, Greece

Out of the crowd!

If you’d like to escape from the glamour and the crowd of Mykonos town and its most famous beaches, head to the northern point of the island, to the Armenistis lighthouse.

It’s a 6 km walk from Mykonos town. Just less than an hour walk if you really want to be out of the crowd in Mykonos! If you rented a car or a scooter you can also drive, the road is paved until about 300 meters from the lighthouse. The last part is unpaved but still easily passable.

Out of the crowd in Mykonos. Lighthouse glow. 
Armenisti lighthouse at sunset, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece

The lighthouse is located high on the cliffs on the northwestern tip of Mykonos.

It’s a very windy place: when Meltemi blows it will be difficult even to stand, let’s not say setting a stable tripod on the ground to make some decent photos of the landscape.
The location is spectacular, surrounded by rocks and low vegetation, on the top of a small hill. On the other side of the marine channel, you can see the profile of Tinos island.
The lighthouse looks towards North-West, a spectacular location for sunset images. At the right time, you can get the lighthouse’s silhouette and beautiful blue hour landscapes with Tinos island as background.

Out of the crowd in Mykonos, Blue hour at the lighthouse. Armenisti lighthouse, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece

Also, the area that surrounds the building offers many attractive photo spots. Just walk around and you’ll easily discover them.
If you’re keen on early wake-up, a visit to the lighthouse before dawn can reserve pleasant surprises. The soft light will pour directly on the lighthouse with the background still relatively dark, for very scenic images.

Cycladic sunset. 
Armenisti lighthouse, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece

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