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Taiga, steppe, tundra: when I was at school, geography was my favourite. It was the right time to dream on the green and brown pages of the world atlas, on the strange and fascinating words of the textbook that reminded me of the adventures that one day I would live. Tundra, steppe, taiga: the sound of these words repeated in my mind gave me almost a physical sensation, the harbinger of a smell that I imagined was typical of those places. Anyway, the tundra doesn’t smell. And it is also very quiet: no trees, no leaves, no obstacle to the

Into the frozen void

Do you remember Ikateq, the Greenlandic ghost village? Well, at the end of the exploration it was time for us to get back to the pier where the tiny boat was waiting for us. Tiniteqilaaq, at the edge of the known world Our next destination is the (inhabited!) village of Tiniteqilaaq. To get there we will sail along the Sermilik Fjord, one of the least explored slices of our world. In winter the fjord freezes and you can venture far inside with sledges. But it’s extremely cold, nobody is living there but seals and bears, there is no food and

Ikateq, population one

Roughly diamond-shaped, Angmassalik island, off the coast of Eastern Greenland, is 40 km long and 30 km. wide. It’s a mountainous island of granite polished by ice, with many small valleys modelled by the glacial erosion. Only the tops of the mountains are often sharp. Obviously, in the past they were Nunataq: this Inuit term refers to a mountain peak that rises from the ice sheet. And even to an evil person. The sea that separates Angmassalik island from the mainland creeps in form of fjords of various sizes. By sailing with a small boat, it takes a whole day to make the tour of the island. First, you