Following the pace of Nature in Jambiani, Zanzibar

Jambiani, a coastal village Jambiani: huts built with wood and fossil coral, nested in a corner of the southeastern tip of Zanzibar.From here on, there are only sand tracks; mass tourism has not arrived yet.The rhythms of life of this village are set by Nature and tides. People of Jambiani live by the sea. Men fish aboard their ngalawas, narrow pirogues with balances made of very hard mango trunks dug with fire, and sails made of sackcloth. Women and children deal with algae cultivation. Algae cultivation Algae are grown in small underwater plots delimited by wooden sticks and wires. They

Africa hidden secrets: the Datooga of Tanzania

It isn’t easy to get in touch with the Datooga, a pastoralist Nilotic population of Tanzania. Their huts are made of a framework of branches covered in mud with thatched roofs. And they are well camouflaged with the surrounding savannah. As a result. if you don’t know where they are located, you must follow some tracks to find the village. That is to say that Datooga people blend perfectly in with their environment: their dress is the color of the reddish-brown soil. Only on closer inspection, they appear more colorful: patched leather dresses, beadwork, and brass bracelets and necklaces. Origins The origins of Datooga