5 wonderful things to see in Krakow and around

Krakow is a beautiful city. If you are either a street photographer or an urban one, you’ll find here plenty of interesting subjects for your lenses. Walk around the Planty, get lost in the narrow streets of the old town. Visit the many beauties and monuments of the city. Pay a visit to the museum to admire a real Leonardo’s masterpiece like Lady with an Ermine. You have countless possibilities in Krakow. But if you are on a run and just want to see the most appalling photographic subjects, here are my tips for you. 5 wonderful things to see in Krakow

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Border Here

This is the border between Germany and Poland, along the river Neisse. The river divides two nations but also split one city into two: the town on the Polish side is called Zgorzelec, while the one on the German side is Görlitz This border was once, when I was young, a very remote place for a western traveller: at the easternmost side of the almost inaccessible East Germany and linking it with the equally inaccessible Poland. Before the fall of the Wall, German Democratic Republic was a mysterious place for most of the travellers because the Iron Curtain put it

Wroclaw, the city of dwarfs

Wroclaw is a beautiful city with beautiful streets, an incredibly gorgeous and tranquil medieval district (Cathedral island, on an island on the river Oder), lots of bars and restaurants. Many cities in the world have similar amenities. But Wroclaw is the city of dwarfs! Scattered in the old town, hundreds of small dwarfs are waiting to be discovered by adults and children. The tourist office even prints a map of their locations! You can find these dwarfs busy in various occupations; counting money, leaving for a trip, cheering the incoming tourists, sleeping, guarding the entrance of their hidden city. There

Wroclaw’s bridge of love

Tumski Bridge is Wroclaw’s bridge of love. It’s a steel bridge over the north branch of the Odra river, at the entrance of Cathedral Island. At night its structure is illuminated by powerful spotlights. The view is impressive, with the spires of the cathedral behind. Walking on the bridge at night is even more impressive: the gas lamps of over a hundred years ago are still in operation. If you’re lucky enough, you can meet the gaslighter either at dusk or dawn. Here lovers promise each other eternal love. Love padlocks And as a mark of their promise, they lock