Trabocchi: the tailspin of the giant spiders jetting on the sea

At the extreme point of the right-hand promontory, on a bank of rocks the Trabocco stretched, a strange fishing machine, constructed entirely of beams and planks, like a colossal spider-web. (Gabriele D’Annunzio, The Triumph of Death) A Trabucco is an old fishing machine. It’s common along the Southeastern coast of Italy, namely in Abruzzo and in Puglia. A platform jutting out into the sea and anchored to the coastline by massive logs. From the platform hang out nets and all the structures needed to sustain it. A literary fascination The Italian writer Gabriele D’ Annunzio, who lived nearby, wrote some

In a dark and awesome night…Nusco fascinating bonfires

This is the story of a dark night. The darkest night of the year. At least, this is what they say in Southern Italy. A night light up by fascinating bonfires. We are in Nusco, in Campania, province of Avellino, the green and hilly Irpinia. Nusco Nusco sits on a windy hilltop at almost a thousand meters in height. With the morning light, from here you get a wonderful view over the valley of the Ofanto River and the Southern Apennines mountains. During a January night, it’s freezing cold, but it’s well worth a visit. And now it’s the night of

A visit to the floating section of Cesenatico Museum

A visit to the floating section of Cesenatico Museum is absolutely a must if you happen to be in the area. Multicoloured sails greet the visitors of Cesenatico every day between Easter and September. A rainbow show that cannot be missed even from the nearby main road or if you’re travelling by train. The floating museum Dozens of traditional sailboats stretch along the old canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The wooden hulls are painted in bright colours. The typical details such as the “eyes” on the bow are more or less stylized. Red sails, or ochre or orange. And

5 wonderful things to see in Krakow and around

Krakow is a beautiful city. If you are either a street photographer or an urban one, you’ll find here plenty of interesting subjects for your lenses. Walk around the Planty, get lost in the narrow streets of the old town. Visit the many beauties and monuments of the city. Pay a visit to the museum to admire a real Leonardo’s masterpiece like Lady with an Ermine. You have countless possibilities in Krakow. But if you are on a run and just want to see the most appalling photographic subjects, here are my tips for you. 5 wonderful things to see in Krakow

5 beautiful attractions to visit in Saint Petersburg (plus one!)

Have you ever visited Saint Petersburg? If not here is a list of the top 5 beautiful attractions to visit in Saint Petersburg (plus one!). Saint Petersburg is a planned city. It’s not built at a cross point of trades and cultures but built under the will of a Czar who had planned its topography well in advance. But when you first visit the city you won’t notice all this. You will surely love the opulence of its baroque palaces, the grandeur of its wide streets and imposing governmental buildings. Saint Petersburg is a huge city. If you don’t have

Syria, not only refugees: the destruction of Palmyra

Apart from the humanitarian crisis, the destruction of the ancient site of Palmyra has been one of the worst consequences of the Syrian war. Palmyra, how it was In the photo above you can see the beauty of Palmyra a few years ago. An astonishingly well preserved ancient city in an oasis in the middle of the desert. By pure chance, 4.000 years ago this oasis became a stopping point for the caravans travelling the Silk Road before getting to the Mediterranean ports. And this was the beginning of its grandeur. But the isolated caravanserai between the palms (Palmyra, means City of

Italian vacations 2015

Long, hot – sometimes boring – summer days. This is a personal project I developed this summer. The whole thing is about an average Italian summer holiday, depicting typical situation and feelings.The contents are absolutely contemporary, but I tried to show that not much has changed in typical Italian vacations since the times of my childhood. To achieve this other goal I got my inspiration from my parents’ pictures of those times. A mix of old and modern to show the thrill and boredom of a typical vacation. Shot with a smartphone, post-produced with Snapseed.

San Pietro Infine, the centre point of an epic battle

San Pietro Infine is a tiny medieval village in Southern Italy, almost halfway between Rome and Naples. It is uninhabited and completely in ruins. If you’re interested in history, you probably know what Cassino means in WWII. But does San Pietro Infine tell you anything? Probably not, even if it lies a few kilometres south of Cassino. Centre point of an epic battle Because of its position, on the slopes of Monte Sambucaro, it was the centre point of an epic battle between the American V Army, and the German 29th Panzer Grenadier Division. Americans were on their way to

On the footsteps of Quixote: beat down the windmills!

Do you remember the foolish stories of Don Quixote? Do you remember when he was battling against windmills? This is one of the chapters of Cervantes’s book I like the most and I have read it over and over. At this point they came in sight of thirty forty windmills that there are on plain, and as soon as don Quixote saw them he said to his squire: “Fortune is arranging matters for us better than we could have shaped our desires ourselves, for look there, friend Sancho Panza, where thirty or more monstrous giants present themselves, all of whom I

The Beginner’s Guide to Berlin Tempelhof Airport

Closed in 2008, Berlin Tempelhof airport was the main airport of Germany during the Nazi era.  It fights for the title of the oldest operating commercial airport and still is an iconic landmark. It’s one of the few airports in Europe still showing its pre-World War II architecture.   All the other classical airports in Europe have been demolished or refurbished. Think for example of Saint Petersburg’s Pulkovo 2 airport terminal. You can visit the airport.  There are regular tours throughout the year that show the visitors most part of the structures, from hangars to the hotel and offices. It’s

A visit to the awesome Matera and how to get great pictures

The ancient town of Matera, with its “Sassi” district, is a fascinating town. It will delight all your senses. It’s located in Southern Italy. Nested in a harsh yet beautiful rocky landscape: the karst semi-arid plateau streaked with canyons called Murge. The ancient Sassi Sassi is the ancient heart of Matera. A labyrinth carved out in the slopes of two distinct narrow canyons of calcareous rock, full of cave dwellings and old, beautiful buildings. To visit the area a bit of physical effort is required. What you need are a decent physical shape and comfortable shoes. With this basic equipment, you’re ready

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Border Here

This is the border between Germany and Poland, along the river Neisse. The river divides two nations but also split one city into two: the town on the Polish side is called Zgorzelec, while the one on the German side is Görlitz This border was once, when I was young, a very remote place for a western traveller: at the easternmost side of the almost inaccessible East Germany and linking it with the equally inaccessible Poland. Before the fall of the Wall, German Democratic Republic was a mysterious place for most of the travellers because the Iron Curtain put it

Santiago de Compostela and Some Weird Tangles of History

Praza da Quintana, Santiago Santiago de Compostela’s Praza da Quintana is not only a simple town square. Located at the back of the Cathedral, it’s one of the oldest and most historical squares of Santiago. The Quintana is physically divided into two parts by a large staircase. The upper part is called Quintana dos vivos. If you are at the top of the stairs and look down you see what is called Quintana dos Mortos, and was once a graveyard. Go there in the middle of the night and you’ll be able to see the dead, at least that’s what the legend

The Reasons Why I Love the Doors of Acciaroli

Acciaroli and its roots Acciaroli is a tiny fishing village in Southern Italy. It has a nice harbour, sheltered by an ancient Norman tower. Everything in Acciaroli is related to the sea. Even the church is directly above the water as to protect all the seamen passing by. Once, before the construction of the new harbour, the houses were built directly on the rocks at the edge of the sea. They were linked with the mainland by small wooden walkways. It was easier for the inhabitants to get on a boat than to go walking! Just behind these disappeared houses, were

Wroclaw, the city of dwarfs

Wroclaw is a beautiful city with beautiful streets, an incredibly gorgeous and tranquil medieval district (Cathedral island, on an island on the river Oder), lots of bars and restaurants. Many cities in the world have similar amenities. But Wroclaw is the city of dwarfs! Scattered in the old town, hundreds of small dwarfs are waiting to be discovered by adults and children. The tourist office even prints a map of their locations! You can find these dwarfs busy in various occupations; counting money, leaving for a trip, cheering the incoming tourists, sleeping, guarding the entrance of their hidden city. There

Wroclaw’s bridge of love

Tumski Bridge is Wroclaw’s bridge of love. It’s a steel bridge over the north branch of the Odra river, at the entrance of Cathedral Island. At night its structure is illuminated by powerful spotlights. The view is impressive, with the spires of the cathedral behind. Walking on the bridge at night is even more impressive: the gas lamps of over a hundred years ago are still in operation. If you’re lucky enough, you can meet the gaslighter either at dusk or dawn. Here lovers promise each other eternal love. Love padlocks And as a mark of their promise, they lock

Kulusuk Football

Taiga, steppe, tundra: when I was at school, geography was my favourite. It was the right time to dream on the green and brown pages of the world atlas, on the strange and fascinating words of the textbook that reminded me of the adventures that one day I would live. Tundra, steppe, taiga: the sound of these words repeated in my mind gave me almost a physical sensation, the harbinger of a smell that I imagined was typical of those places. Anyway, the tundra doesn’t smell. And it is also very quiet: no trees, no leaves, no obstacle to the