A visit to the floating section of Cesenatico Museum

 Falling asleep - Cesenatico Maritime Museum Floating Section

A visit to the floating section of Cesenatico Museum is absolutely a must if you happen to be in the area.

Multicoloured sails greet the visitors of Cesenatico every day between Easter and September. A rainbow show that cannot be missed even from the nearby main road or if you’re travelling by train.

The floating museum

Dozens of traditional sailboats stretch along the old canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci. The wooden hulls are painted in bright colours. The typical details such as the “eyes” on the bow are more or less stylized. Red sails, or ochre or orange. And the sails are decorated with symbols that denote the property of the various families of fishermen. A tradition which has become a true “sailing heraldry”.

Cesenatico Maritime Museum

This is the floating section of the Cesenatico Maritime Museum. It’s freely enjoyable every day. On display on the canal are different typologies of boats. Once (between the end of the XIXth and the mid-XXth century) they were used in the Adriatic sea for fishing and for delivery of goods.

Walk there late in the afternoon, when the last sun rays give volume to every shadow and the yellow light starts to vanish into blue. The sight is spectacular while the calm waters of the canal reflect lights and sails.

Cesenatico Maritime Museum Floating Section

Enjoy the view and the tranquillity, then, look on the opposite side. Dozens of bars and restaurants set their tables on the street. You can enjoy a drink or a meal while enjoying this beautiful vision.

Usually, the coast of Romagna is famous for another kind of pleasures: nightlife, discos, transgression. This is a more peaceful alternative, much more enjoyable for families and photographers, and absolutely free!

Cesenatico Maritime Museum Floating Section
Opening times

The boats are hoisted and hauled down daily except Monday, from Easter until the end of September, but only with good weather.


Cesenatico Maritime Museum Floating Section

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