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Italian vacations 2015 - Ancora un giorno in spiaggia
Ancora un giorno in spiaggia

Long, hot – sometimes boring – summer days.

This is a personal project I developed this summer.

The whole thing is about an average Italian summer holiday, depicting typical situation and feelings.
The contents are absolutely contemporary, but I tried to show that not much has changed in typical Italian vacations since the times of my childhood.

To achieve this other goal I got my inspiration from my parents’ pictures of those times.

A mix of old and modern to show the thrill and boredom of a typical vacation.

Shot with a smartphone, post-produced with Snapseed.

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4 thoughts on “Italian vacations 2015

  1. Tad says:

    I have the same opinion as Marzena, difference I was last time on Baltic coast 12-15 years ago…

  2. Boglarka Kantor says:

    Pictures are touching and so is the fact that ‘boring’ was the word you used most in this article. 😉
    These days must have been wonderful for the kid – and so then the mom, too. And if the above two ladies are happy, then dad is OK, right? 😀

  3. Marzena says:

    Looks like typical polish vacation on th sea. I can even feel this lazy boring climate, eveyday the same – beach, eating out, childrens games, night walking…And i promise myself no more such holiday, then next summer i go there again..:-)


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