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Photographer of the Day! It was a nice start of the week!

It was a boring Monday morning, I was barely awake, still thinking of how to get ready for the week, when my RSS feeder showed me this:

Photographer of the day: Giuseppe Maria Galasso

together with a beautiful review of my image written by Ms. Susan Kanfer:

Giuseppe Maria Galasso transports us to a destination in our dreams. The Pier is not of this world. Straight edged and symmetrical, it floats within the ethereal glow of soft water and sky. And yet within the dream, everything seems purposeful. The sculpting of the light, the pink ribbon soaring through the sky, and the dead-center pole at the end of the pier.   All is quiet and calm.

I must admit being nominated photographer of the day is a great way to start the week!

Thank you Photofocus, thank you Ms. Kanfer.

And I hope you all like the image, which is since then persistently part of my collection of best images.

The pier

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