Zadar’s psychedelic sunsets

Greetings to the sun, Zadar
When the sun goes down in Zadar, earth and sky melt together at the horizon. They share the same colors in a fantastic psychedelic show.
Alfred Hitchcock, who was a connoisseur, used to say that from Zadar’s waterfront one can enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the world.
But since the times of Mr. Hitchcock many things changed, not only in the field of movies.
The new waterfront of the Dalmatian city is a great place for a stroll with a view. But not only. It also hosts a couple of modern art structures. Made by the same artist (Nikola Bašić) and placed close to each other, they are there to spark our senses: sight, hearing. And fantasy. That’s not a sense, but yet is important, isn’t it?
Greetings to the sun, Zadar
“Greetings to the sun” is a huge glass circle placed on the tarmac of the waterfront, protecting a cluster of solar cells.
Sounds quite boring, doesn’t it?
Come take a look at this circle at dusk.
Multicolor lights blink and wave in a casual and psychedelic way. They re-create the shades of colors of the horizon.
Greetings to the sun, Zadar
The crowd is lit by those lights while walking through the circle. They then walk towards the edge and so walk one step towards the unreachable horizon, that now has the same hues of the glass they’re stepping.
Now listen: there’s a noise coming out from the sea.
Crowd at Greetings to the sun, Zadar
Not a real noise. It sounds like ambient music created by the sea. The melody has nice chords and an inner beauty, but the rhythm isn’t that steady.
The “Sea organ” exploits waves and tides to create music in a natural way. What’s more natural than air and water?
Waiting for the sun to set in Zadar
It’s the ideal complement to the “Greetings to the sun”.
Together they make our sunset seaside walk in Zadar a unique experience.


Silhouetted lighthouse - Zadar

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2 thoughts on “Zadar’s psychedelic sunsets

  1. Nadege says:

    Giuseppe, come and see the Afrika Burn sunsets next year! (Be sure to find me next to the Eiffel tower 🙂 ) As for your art, fantastic pictures, amazing work, beautiful soul.


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